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Evan has worked with a wide array of clients over the last 10

plus years: from athletes, to business executives, medical professionals and everyone in between. As a result of his

diverse group of clients his training programs are developed to meet the needs of each individual.


His business was built with the goal of building a stronger you, transforming your health and expanding your personal growth

so that you can become the best version of yourself for when it matters most.


Evan's ideal client is someone who wants to make their health

and fitness a top priority, has a goal, who is driven, motivated,

and ready to work hard to achieve it.


His focus with clients is strength training. It is Evan's belief that developing strength is essential for life, health, performance,

and happiness. It is the foundation for all physical movement

and athletic performance.


Building a solid base of strength is essential for everyone, so

that it can be applied from the gym to your playing field.

Whether it be for life’s everyday tasks, the boardroom, the

clinic, the championship game or simply exploring what this

world has to offer, strength training will help you get there.


It's simple, really - if you want to feel better, look better, live

better then get stronger.

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